How to Record Vocals Like a Pro
How to Record Vocals Like a Pro

How to Record Vocals Like a Pro

Recording your voice in a studio will make you feel like you are putting it under a microscope. Recording any instrument can prove to be a stressful experience for a variety of reasons. It is often expensive, and you are always under pressure to produce the perfect results in a limited amount of time. However, recording vocals is even more tough and stressful since the recording’s quality depends on a lot of factors. 

This includes environment, vocal health, being accustomed to the sound of your external voice, and mindset. Every recording situation is indeed quite different, and some of the tips in this article might be out of your control. However, in most cases, applying them will help you increase the chances of a successful vocal session. Here is how to record vocals like a pro.  

1. Practice Often

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it has become easy and cheap to have a home studio, at least for practising. High-quality microphones pick up even the subtle qualities of the voice that you are unlikely to have heard before. Moreover, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with the sound of your recorded voice. To practice regularly, you just need the following things:

  • An audio interface
  • A laptop
  • Headphones
  • A microphone
  • Basic recording software

Once you have them, try to practice as often as possible before going to a studio and ensure a successful vocal session.

2. Get Adequate Rest

Before doing anything important, being well-rested is always a great idea. The same is true before you go to a studio for a vocal recording session. Before your session, ensure you’ve got sufficient sleep. To maintain good vocal health, you should avoid talking too much or practising a lot two days before the session. It is also highly recommended to avoid alcohol, dairy products, and coffee. This is because they can cause reflux, dehydration, or excess mucus. Finally, drink plenty of water. 

3. Warm Up Your Voice

According to many experts, warming up your voice before the session starts is ideal if you want to get great results. This is still true even if you think that you can hit the high notes immediately. Doing some basic warm-up exercises will help your voice last for an extended period on that day. 

4. Book the Studio at the Right Time

Considering you have the choice, it is better to book the studio at the time of the day when you have the most energy or when you typically sing. It is true that early morning sessions are quite hard because it takes some hours for your voice to get “awake” and fully warmed up. You do not need to rush the process, whether it is recording vocals or marketing music

5. Set a Time Limit

There is no benefit in booking the studio for more than four hours of recording in a single day. After such a long period of singing, your voice will likely be fatigued. You will probably just end up wasting your money and time. So, set a time limit of three to four hours and don’t go over it. The same thing is true when you are creating a music video.

Wrapping Up

Recording vocals might not be the most straightforward task, but it is definitely doable. You just need to follow a few things on a regular basis and, more importantly, practice as much as possible. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to record vocals like a pro. 

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